LOLA is a creative and strategically driven advertising agency with a Latin heart and a global mind.

We create and manage fully integrated, global campaigns, all from our warm and sunny offices in Spain and Portugal.

We believe that our people are the key to our success. We have a diverse population of individuals from over 22 different countries with experts in all aspects of integrated communication, design and technology. Everyone that works at LOLA brings their uniqueness which in turn enhances our culture and general practices. Our people are fundamental to our commitment to our clients to solve their needs with creativity and strategy combined - no matter how small, big, local or global.

We are passionate and hot-blooded individuals who strive to never stop growing and learning to create work that connects with people both at home and around the world.

Our clients include some of the world´s biggest ice cream brands, automotive brands, beloved games and toys and local brands that have grown in international scale with the expertise of our teams.


We have offices in the hearts of three of the world´s greatest cities: Madrid, Barcelona and Lisbon. Each of our offices boast unique office spaces that are surrounded by the buzz and excitement of the coolest neighborhoods - museums in Madrid, views of the sea in Lisbon and the cheers of 100,000 Barça fans in the distance provide daily inspiration at our doorsteps. We are part of an exciting, diverse global network that provides both scale and intimacy. Our partners provide resources that help us create value for our clients and offer growth opportunities for the people who work with us.


The essence of LOLA can be summed up in one powerful Spanish word, “Vamos”. We use it in all its forms, Vaaaamos, Va-mos, Vamoooos, Vamosss!!!!!, and sometimes we may use too many exclamation marks! But, to us Vamos means so many positive things: Let´s go! Anything is possible! We can do this! We did it! Let´s do it again!!!!!


LOLA strongly believes in working in teams and our most successful campaigns for brands like Magnum, Cornetto and Scrabble can all be attributed to the collaboration, dedication and commitment of our multi-talented teams to build solid strategies. Researchers, strategists, designers, writers, innovators and producers, all fully integrated on and off-line, come together to identify needs and provide the most creative and relevant solutions. These teams are scaled according to each brief and specialties added to fit the needs of the client whether local, regional or global.

We admire and reward innovation and truly believe that great ideas can come from anywhere.


LOLA is great place to work and hang out after work. We have lots of comfortable, cozy spaces to think, play, connect and disconnect if you really need a nap (yes, naps are still a thing in Spain). Tuesdays are especially happy when our weekly delivery of ice cream fills our freezers, and Thursdays are always a guilty pleasure when we get Spanish tortillas delivered from the bar down the street. If the weather is good (which it usually is) we have regular BBQs, where our wannabe-chef Creative Directors take charge of the grill in true Argentine style.

Our bi-annual team building events take place anywhere from a spa to a hacienda in Portugal. Here you will do great work, plan and learn during the day and after dark you may discover one of your colleagues is one of Germany´s hottest underground DJ’s (true story!).

Tura, Messi, K.O., and Lula are everyone´s favorite furry friends who freely walk the halls of our agencies, sometimes begging for treats or a tummy rib, but mostly making us all smile.

And just to brag a little, in the 2014 Cannes Report we were ranked the 17th most creative agency in the world, 4th in Europe and 1st in Spain. Our very own Chief Creative Officer, Chacho Puebla, was ranked 7th in the world and we were named agency of the Year at the El Sol Festival. In 2015, we have won 9 lions in Cannes in 8 categories, but who´s counting!?

The agency is filled with musicians who rock out at our annual Christmas and Summer parties. People roll into work on bikes, blades, scooters and the bravest ones on skateboards.


Diversity is one of our greatest strengths and huge area of pride. With over 22 different nationalities we collectively speak 15 different languages within our offices - but we all smile in the same one. We are proud that we truly represent a wide cross section of the world all working together to make LOLA the best it can be. We strongly believe in meritocracy at all levels and focus on promoting talent from within.